Democrat District Attorney in Georgia Found Guilty of Corruption, Resigns

Democrat District Attorney in Georgia Found Guilty of Corruption, Resigns

( – Law enforcement has fallen apart the last 18 months in the wake of a nationwide push by Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members to “defund the police.” In addition, radicals like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have suggested the closure of jails and prisons. A Georgia district attorney could have reaped the benefit of her suggestion had anyone taken her seriously.

On November 15, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced Mark Preston pleaded guilty to four felonies associated with his corrupt practices while serving as Chattahoochee Judicial District Attorney. State officials already suspended him shortly after the state filed charges against him. However, his guilty plea also came with the condition he resigns immediately.

Perhaps that order was overkill because District Court Judge Katherine Lumsden ordered law enforcement officials to take him into custody immediately after handing down a five-year prison sentence with one year in prison and the other four on probation.

Preston asked the court for permission to report to state correction officials on November 19, but Judge Lumsden refused his request. She also tore into him for the damage he caused to the reputation of state officials as a whole. However, she did note the unusual nature of his crimes — attempting to bribe deputy prosecutors and trying to influence the testimony of a police officer and a crime victim’s testimony to secure convictions.

“You didn’t line your pockets,” the judge stated from the bench. Instead, you managed to “forget about the people you represent,” she said.

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