Democrat Governor Caught On Hot Mic With Joe Biden

( – A hot microphone encounter between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper exploded online, gathering hundreds of thousands of views since its October 19 posting.

The two men talked on the tarmac of a North Carolina airport when Cooper brought up recently disgraced Democratic US Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, predicting he would prevail and “get across the line” in the upcoming election.

Already under fire for having an alleged romantic affair, sources revealed Cunningham had a second mistress in an article published October 17. Michael Whatley, North Carolina’s GOP chair, called on Cunningham to either address the allegations or drop his run for office.

Whatley stated, Cunningham already “betrayed his family” with the first allegation of an affair. “Now he’s refusing” to address a second affair.

As Whatley warned, if Cunningham will “lie, cheat, and betray” his family, there’s no reason he wouldn’t do the same to North Carolinians. Maybe it’s time for Gov. Cooper to set aside politics and ask Cunningham to suspend his campaign.

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