Democrat Leader Charged for Allegedly Attacking Child

Democrat Leader Charged for Allegedly Attacking Child

( – Phoenix police officers recorded a phone call last week between a teenager and Arizona state senator Otoniel Navarrete, a Democrat. He is now facing seven felonies and has announced his resignation from the Arizona Senate on Tuesday, August 10. Here’s what happened.

The 16-year-old boy accused Navarrete of sexually abusing him in 2019 when he was only 13. The teen agreed to let Phoenix investigators record a call to Navarrete asking him to explain his behavior. Navarrete expressed regret throughout the August 5 call. At one point, he told the boy he “wasn’t well” at the time of the sexual contact. He also reportedly called the boy mijo, a Spanish term of endearment.

Phoenix police officers, armed with an arrest warrant, took Navarrete into custody a few hours later. They charged him with seven felonies, including five counts involving attempted sexual conduct with a minor. The other two accounts included misconduct with a minor, and child molestation. Navarrete spent two nights in jail before being released on Saturday, August 7, on a $50,000 bond.

On Tuesday, Navarrete announced his resignation from the Arizona Senate, citing his ongoing legal troubles. His campaign sent out an email to members of the media later that day denying the allegations.

Navarette had his first court appearance on Thursday, August 12. His case is ongoing, but court officials haven’t yet docketed his next hearing.

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