Democrat Politician Calls For Banning Of Fox News, OAN, And Newsmax

( – The First Amendment of the Constitution explicitly states the government should not make any laws that prevent “freedom of speech, or of the press.” This is a fundamental right that every American should have learned in school at some point, especially someone who went to law school. Apparently that is not the case for one Democratic politician in Florida.

Censor the News!

Pam Keith is a Florida attorney who used to work as a Navy JAG officer. According to Ballotpedia she ran for the state’s 18th Congressional District in 2016, 2018, and 2020, but lost every single time. Now, as she’s in between races, Keith is using Twitter to sound off and what she suggested recently is causing a lot of people to scratch their heads.

On January 19, Keith said that Joe Biden should issue executive orders banning the “airing of FoxNews [sic], NewsMax or OANN” on federal property including military bases, businesses, and government housing.

When a Twitter user pointed out that would be going too far, Keith said it’s totally constitutional because the government has the right to say which channels cable plans cannot include, in particular, those three news channels. So, she’s saying the government should censor the media…which the Constitution explicitly prohibits no matter what mental gymnastics she performs.

Conservative Censorship

Unfortunately, Keith’s way of thinking is becoming more common on the Left. When all of the major social media platforms banned former President Donald Trump, Democrats celebrated. They called for even more Republicans to face retaliation for whatever “crimes” progressives could think of to accuse them. When Amazon killed Parler, Twitter’s competition, Liberals were happy.

The sad reality is they do not value the Constitution the same way conservatives do. And therein lies the fundamental difference between the two parties.

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