Democrat Reportedly Spent Campaign Dollars on Questionable Purchases

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( – Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appears to be a magnet for controversy lately. For instance, in March 2021, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) moved to remove Swalwell from his assignment on the House Intelligence Committee for his reported connection to a suspected Chinese spy. Unfortunately, that effort failed along party lines by a vote of 218 to 200.

On July 20, Swalwell made headlines again when a review of his Federal Election Commission expense records uncovered evidence he may have spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds on alcohol, expensive restaurants, limousine services, and thousands at a luxury hotel where his wife once worked.

According to Fox News’ estimates, Swalwell spent more than:

  • $6,100 on alcohol from liquor stores and delivery services, including nearly $4,400 at a couple of wineries for “catering” and “refreshment” services the same day.
  • $7,000 at high-end restaurants.
  • $10,000 on limousine services.
  • $21,000 at a California Ritz Carlton where his wife worked as the director of sales.

Swalwell also reportedly spent nearly $85,000 on a trip to Qatar with his wife and other Congressional members to attend a US/Qatar Business Council meeting.

Fox News reported there could be some plausible reasons for some of Swalwell’s expenses. For example, his winery bill may have been for campaign events. However, his office didn’t respond to a request for a comment or further explanation.

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