Democrat State Senator Arrested For Taking Part In Statue Vandalism

Democrat State Senator Arrested For Taking Part In Statue Vandalism

( – When the protests over the death of George Floyd began in late May, it wasn’t long before the Left started targeting monuments. Statues and memorials were vandalized or pulled down. In Virginia, a state senator’s now facing felony charges over the toppling of a Confederate statue.

On August 17, Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene announced felony warrants for state Senator L. Louise Lucas (D), a city school board member, several NAACP representatives, and nine others. According to the chief, they’re facing charges for “conspiracy to commit a felony and injuring to a monument in excess of $1,000.”

The felony warrant was issued for organizing and encouraging the toppling of a Confederate statue on June 10. When it came down, it hit a man in the head and caused him profound, lasting injuries.

The police department was immediately accused of having a conflict of interest, but Greene denied the allegations.

The Democratic lawmaker’s alleged actions, encouraging people to vandalize the monument and telling police they couldn’t intervene, led to a man being severely injured. This wasn’t just about a historical monument, it’s about a living, breathing human being suffering as the result of the careless actions of elected officials. Lucas was supposed to uphold the law and protect residents, not encourage violence.

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