Democrat Strategists Unintentionally Admit Biden’s Record Is Garbage

( – President Joe Biden and former POTUS Donald Trump faced off for their first debate on June 27. The 45th president obliterated his successor and looks stronger than ever. In the days leading up to the event, some Democrats issued a warning.

Biden and his surrogates are currently trying to rehab his image around the country. The president’s debate performance on Thursday was one of the worst in modern history. He failed to land a single blow against Trump and he didn’t take the advice of Democrats who said that his campaign should spend more time attacking his Republican opponent and less time touting his own record.

One top Democrat told the network that Biden has been trying to sell his record to voters but they are not buying it. “He wants credit, but it’s not working,” they said. “He needs to stop.”

According to the report, former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain has also expressed concerns about his ex-boss trying to tout his record. Sources say he’s raised concern about the issue behind the scenes. He has reportedly said the president has spent too much time talking about the bridges being built with the money from his infrastructure bill and not enough time trying to connect to voters.

There are also concerns that Biden is trying to gaslight middle-American voters about the economy. Although the stock and job markets are doing well, many families are still cash-strapped because of rising prices. The cost of food, gas, medical care, and just about everything else has increased in price since Trump left office in January 2021. That has made it hard for the Left to paint a rosy picture about Biden’s policies.

During an interview with Biden on CNN in May, host Erin Burnett mentioned that voters still prefer Trump’s economic policies over his. She asked the president if he thought he could turn that around. Rather than speaking to the American people in an empathetic way, Biden claimed the US has “the best economy in the world” and said he’d already convinced Americans his policies are the best but the “polling data has been wrong all along.”

That polling data shows only 38% of voters think Biden is doing a good job.

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