Democratic Gov. To Get Pay Raise Despite State’s Budget Deficit

( – Finally, 2020 is drawing to a close and not a moment too soon for most Americans. The year saw Antifa and Black Lives Matter rise to new heights, leaving Democratic-led cities in ruins for months. It also saw the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 also saw the partial collapse of the nation’s economy due to the pandemic and the efforts of Democrats to shut down entire sectors of the country’s economic structure. The economy went from being one of the strongest the country has experienced in history to a low point not seen since the Great Depression.

However, the Democrats weren’t done with marginalizing working-class Americans, at least not Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Democratic governor.

The New York Post reported in mid-November that despite the state’s $63B budget deficit Cuomo made sure he would get a $25K pay raise in 2021, making him the nation’s highest-paid governor, pocketing $250K beginning on January 1, leaving nothing behind for the state’s judges and 200+ lawmakers. Not a single one of them will receive a pay increase in 2021, only the governor.

Perhaps it’s time for New Yorkers to rise up and take back their state from greedy politicians blind to its hard-working citizens’ needs.

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