Democratic Governor Faces Huge Election Setback

( – Once considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is best-known in most circles for his draconian lockdown efforts, which some argue decimated California’s already fragile economy. As a result, Californians rebelled and collected more than enough signatures to force a recall election scheduled to take place on September 14.

Newsom’s campaign suffered a crushing self-inflicted blow when team members blazed by a deadline to make sure he would appear on the September ballot as a Democrat. That oversight could prove to be a fatal blow to Newsom’s effort to survive the recall, according to his campaign and legal team.

Newsom’s campaign attempted to save the day with a last-ditch legal action, but lost that battle when a state judge ruled against him on Monday, July 12.

Judge James Arguelles ruled that the law provided ample opportunity for Newsom “to inform recall voters about [his] party preferences.” He also rejected Newsom’s claim that he should be granted an extension due to the “good faith” nature of his oversight.

In a bitter twist of fate for Newsom, he signed the 2019 bill into law, providing recall election candidates the opportunity to list their party preference on ballots. Too bad he apparently forgot to inform his campaign.

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