Democratic Governor Forced to Pay Church Over COVID Restrictions

( – During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) implemented a ridiculous number of restrictions. Restaurants were forced to shut their doors. Government buildings, sports venues, and office buildings all closed down. The governor even targeted churches and funerals.

Newsom would not allow religious institutions to hold in-person worship services for months. Then when he finally did ease restrictions, he continued to limit the number of people who could attend the services. Multiple pastors in the state were punished for defying the governor’s orders. Eventually the Supreme Court struck down Newsom’s restrictions on churches, ruling they were a violation of the First Amendment. In another case, the state made a deal with a church to pay them a massive settlement.

Church Wins

Last summer, the Harvest Rock Church of Pasadena sued the state of California over the COVID-19 restrictions. On May 24, the lawsuit was finally settled and the Democratically-run state agreed to pay $1.35 million for the church’s attorneys’ fees.

An official from Newsom’s office said the settlement resolved the case and provided “clarity and certainty to the public around the public health standards applicable to places of worship” in the wake of the rulings from the Supreme Court decisions.

Harvest Rock Church Pastor Rev. Ché Ahn announced the settlement in the case saying it came out in their favor after almost a year of fighting for their religious freedoms.

Newsom’s Troubles

People decided to try to remove Newsom from office after he imposed the restrictions. By early this month, his critics were able to gather enough signatures to qualify for a ballot. The settlement comes as the governor now faces a recall effort. The California governor is going to have to fight for his seat in a special election.

Pressure to recall him is starting to let up as the worst of the virus is behind us. No matter what happens with Newsom, it seems the taxpayers are on the hook for his mistakes again.

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