Democratic Rhetoric Could Cost Them 2022

( – In the last few weeks, there has been in an uptick in both anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Semitic hate crimes in the US. Democratic members of Congress have been ratcheting up the horrible sentiments against the Jewish state and one foreign politician thinks that is going to cost the Left big time.

On May 24, Brexit leader Nigel Farage spoke to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo about the recent rise in anti-Semitism. He said that he believes the hate against Israel coming from the Left is going to destroy the party like it did with the Labour Party in the UK. He explained that in his country, the Left became increasingly hostile toward Israel and the “fair-minded and decent” people stopped voting for them because they would not tolerate the anti-Semitism.


Farage believes the anti-Semitic rhetoric on the Left in the US will drive many voters away. Republicans will then be able to capitalize on it and use it to help win the 2022 midterms and maybe even the 2024 election.

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