Democrats Fail to Pass Legal Citizenship for Illegals

Democrats Fail to Pass Legal Citizenship for Illegals

( – Democrats have been trying to pass immigration reform for years. Although many Republicans agree the system needs changes, they do not agree with allowing those with questionable backgrounds into the country. On the other hand, most progressives want nothing more than to pass a blanket amnesty bill for millions of illegals, regardless of their backgrounds. 

When President Joe Biden took office, those on the left thought it would be an opportunity to finally check an amnesty bill off of their list. They were wrong. 

Failed Again

On Wednesday, September 29, Democrats’ hopes of getting a provision that would have legalized millions of illegals were dashed. The lawmakers were trying to change the date on the immigration registry that was created in 1929. The Registry Act created the process for illegal immigrants to apply for a green card. It allowed those who’d arrived in the U.S. before January 1, 1972 and remained continuously while demonstrating good moral character to apply for their permanent residency. 

Democrats wanted to change the date on the Registry Act to 2010 by adding it to the reconciliation bill which would have granted a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegals. The lawmakers presented it to Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, but she rejected the attempt.

Second Failure in a Month

MacDonough’s rejection of the Democrats’ plan on a procedural basis was the second blow she landed on the left. After not allowing the democrats to change to the Registry Act, she followed by saying the language in the bill “is by any standard a broad, new immigration policy.”

That measure would have given DREAMERs — immigrants brought to the U.S. as children —, recipients of Temporary Protected Status, and farm workers a pathway to citizenship. 

Immigration reform was one of Biden’s biggest promises during the election. So far he’s failed to secure enough votes. Instead of trying to negotiate with the GOP on a bill both parties could agree to, Democrats tried to go around Republicans twice — but failed. Now they are considering a third option to get it done, but aren’t revealing their next move.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke to reporters about the bad news, saying, “We are committed to getting immigration reform done. This, I expect, would renew a look for what the vehicles and options may be.” 

Republicans have made it clear they won’t agree to any immigration reform bills until the Biden administration gets the border under control. Considering how little he’s done on that front, it seems unlikely that will happen any time soon. 

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