Democrats & Republicans Debating Increasing Debt Limit, Might Cause Govt. Shutdown

Democrats & Republicans Debating Increasing Debt Limit, Might Cause Govt. Shutdown

( – Another fight is brewing in Washington, D.C. between Democrats and Republicans, but this time about the debt ceiling. Republicans are making it clear that they have no intention of raising the spending limit. Democrats are calling the decision irresponsible. To make matters worse, the debate is risking a potential government shutdown.

House Democrats passed legislation on Tuesday to raise the debt ceiling through the end of 2022, fund the government through early December this year, and provide emergency assistance for natural disasters and Afghan refugees. Republicans have already signaled they plan to block the measure in the Senate.

House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has been saying for weeks that he wants Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. That’s the limit on the amount of money the Treasury Department can spend to pay the U.S. government’s debts; raising the debt ceiling doesn’t allow the government to pay for new spending measures, only what Congress has already agreed to fund.

If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the Treasury will have to decide what bills to pay. That will likely force the government into a complete or partial shutdown — which could cost more money in the long run.

During his weekly news conference, McConnell said the Democrats will be responsible for raising the debt ceiling because they control the legislative and executive branches. “The debt ceiling will be raised, as it always should be,” the minority leader said. “But it will be raised by the Democrats.”

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