Democrats Sent Reeling Just 1 Year Before 2022 Elections, Report Shows

Democrats Sent Reeling Just 1 Year Before 2022 Elections, Report Shows

( – Recent polls show only about 44% of Americans approve of the job Democratic President Joe Biden is doing in the White House. That fact, coupled with the former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s November loss in Virginia, could be a sign of things to come during the 2022 midterms. Considering the elections are less than a year away, poor polling and approval numbers should make the Left nervous. If Democrats don’t change course and align themselves with the needs of the people, it’s possible Republicans could take enough seats to flip not only the Senate but also the House in their favor.

Historically, it’s common for midterm elections to swing to the opposition. Still, if Democrats lose their edge in Congress, it will halt the party’s unpopular social agenda and unprecedented spending plans.

Midterms and State of the Union

A left-leaning congressional aide said he’s not feeling good about where the party currently stands. Republicans only need to gain five seats in the House to reassert control. With the coronavirus still impacting America, extreme inflation rising out of control, and restrictions on freedoms, he may be right to worry.

In addition to the struggles plaguing citizens all over the country, a whopping 15 Democratic incumbent House members are retiring before the 2022 elections. Dems who aren’t running for reelection leave plenty of opportunities for the Right to swoop in and take those seats. Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) said “vulnerable Democrats” will either lose their elections next fall, or they’ll have no choice but to retire.

As long as Republicans concentrate on what US residents want, winning those seats shouldn’t be too difficult. There seems to be a disconnect between the direction the Left is taking the country and where most Americans want to go.

Democratic Disconnect

A survey conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post shows Republicans sitting with a 10-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot. According to Rick Scott at Fox News, conservatives running for office in at least eight states show a comfortable 23-point lead over their liberal counterparts on the ballot.

The problem, Scott opines, is the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are trying to fundamentally change America by expanding social programs, increasing spending, opening the borders amidst a pandemic and bloating the debt.

After McAuliffe’s crushing defeat in Virginia, a voter exit poll showed most Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

Instead of listening to US citizens, Scott says the Democrats continue to push through an “agenda that voters are rejecting.” The refusal to listen could cost them their seats and swing the House to the GOP.

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