Democrats Threaten to Reject Latest Infrastructure Bill Agreement

( – Democrats have been trying to force President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill through Congress for weeks. Republicans have been working with the White House to develop a compromise bill that stands a chance of being passed by the Senate.

On June 24, Biden announced that an agreement had been reached on a bill providing $1.2 billion for investments in the nation’s infrastructure. However, there’s a catch.

Shortly after Biden announced the agreement, he and other leading Democrats indicated the measure would only advance if it were attached to another, a larger bill providing trillions of dollars in funds for child care, climate change, health care, higher education, and other programs not traditionally considered to be a part of the nation’s infrastructure.

Asked by reporters about his about-face, Biden dug his heels in and said he wouldn’t sign the bill into law, even if it passed in both chambers without a second bill that included spending for social programs and other progressive pet projects.

What more could the Democrats want, and how much more ground are Republicans expected to give until they’re satisfied? Biden keeps calling for unity, for reaching across the aisle, but it appears that in reality, Democrats aren’t willing to compromise.

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