Democrats Tiptoe Around Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

Democrats Tiptoe Around Biden's Build Back Better Agenda

( – Democrats continue distancing themselves from President Joe Biden’s agenda as his approval ratings continue tumbling towards unprecedented lows. The Build Back Better plan, once the administration’s primary focus, appears to have stalled, leading many Democratic candidates to start tiptoeing around the effort.

With the 2022 midterm elections just around the corner, and history working against them, many Democrats have decided to avoid discussing or campaigning on portions of Biden’s failed agenda.

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan costs trillions and focuses on what Republicans and some Democrats characterize as social infrastructure. In other words, it funds a lot of unnecessary socialist-like programs like the expansion of welfare programs and amnesty for illegals. The plan also provides funding related to combating climate change. Programs many believe will increase the already outrageous national debt.

Democrats had initially hoped to pass the plan in 2021 and thought they could parade it as a significant legislative accomplishment in hopes of swaying voters during the November 2022 elections.

However, many Democrats like Rudy Salas have conspicuously avoided mentioning the plan altogether on the campaign trail. Salas, currently a California state representative, hopes to flip a Republican-held congressional seat. However, to do so requires turning his back on Biden’s extremist agenda while campaigning in the historically red district.

What do you think? Can Democrats fight off the looming Red wave by distancing themselves from Biden’s Build Back Better agenda?

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