Democrats Used Non-Profits To Funnel Money From Billionaires (REPORT)

( – Americans flooded polling places more than a month ago to vote for the next president and still they aren’t sure who is going to lead the country. President Donald Trump is fighting the results in court. While he is doing that, conservatives keep unearthing new allegations.

According to a December 11 report by the Gateway Pundit, Democrats used their billionaire donors to help them win the election. The website accused the Left of harvesting ballots in Georgia. The party was allegedly able to do that by funneling money through non-profits that were fighting to “cure” (or fix) ballots to have them count toward the election.

Attorney General William Barr recently said there was no evidence ‘to date’ of widespread voter fraud. An agency within the Department of Homeland Security came to the same conclusion and nearly all of the court cases disputing the results have also failed. That isn’t stopping Republicans who believe there may have been instances of fraud. They are continuing the fight to make sure only legal votes were counted to prevent the same problems in the upcoming Georgia runoffs.

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