Democrats Worried About Minnesota

( – Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned that Minnesota could come into play during the November presidential election.

A Republican win in the state would be a real coup considering Minnesota has consistently gone to Democratic presidential candidates since 1972.

Donald Trump came close to breaking that pattern in 2016, when Democratic rival Hillary Clinton took the state by a slim margin of fewer than 45,000 votes.

Trump defeated Clinton in northern industrial states like Pennsylvania in 2016 due mainly to rural voters, and his campaign hopes to do the same in Minnesota in 2020.

State Rep. Dale Lueck (R-10B) recently discussed the president’s surge in rural support, attributing it to Democrats’ environmental efforts, threatening local industries.

Larry Jacobs, a respected Minnesota political science professor, echoed that sentiment stating that loss of jobs coupled with Democrat’s policies have rural voters convinced the party had written them off.

Although Minnesota remains a tough battleground state, the state may flip to the president this time around, adding one more defeat to Biden’s campaign.

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