DeSantis Announces Bold Legislation Targeting Protesters

( – American cities have been overrun with violence, looting and other forms of disorder after the recent deaths of black men while in police custody. Democratic-led cities have been particularly hard hit by so-called “peaceful demonstrations” resulting in property destructions, personal injuries and sometimes death.

Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis announced a “robust” new crime package on September 21 directed at protestors. Broken down into three categories, the proposed legislation will codify new criminal offenses related to civil unrest, enhance penalties including mandatory jail sentences and measures intended to protect the general public and law enforcement officials.

However, he also noted “professional agitators” were taking advantage of that protected right by “sowing disorder” and creating “mayhem in our cities.” Continuing, he vowed not to allow violence to overrun Florida cities.

DeSantis’ action to protect Florida’s citizens and property is another shining example of decisive leadership at the hands of a Republican executive. Democratic mayors and governors should take note and follow his exemplary action.

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