Devastating 18-Wheeler Explosion Happens After Upstate Crash

( – A terrifying accident happened in Glenville, New York, just days before Christmas. A man is in the hospital after the tanker truck he was driving exploded.

On December 21, a Texas driver was hauling gasoline from Pennsylvania to Ticonderoga in Upstate New York when he hit the Maple Avenue Bridge in Glenville. The bridge only has a 10-foot clearance, but the driver reportedly told authorities he was following his GPS and it didn’t warn him about any low bridges. He said he didn’t see the multiple signs warning him of the danger.

When the tanker truck went under the bridge, the containers of fuel got wedged under the bridge. That set off a series of explosions as the fuel went up in flames. At the same time, a train passed above the accident on the bridge. Authorities said the train didn’t sustain any damage.

Dave Tucci, 68, lives in the neighborhood where the accident happened with his wife, Sue Tucci, 67. He told the Times Union that he was in his backyard when he heard the explosion. He said it was “extremely loud” and he “looked north and saw giant flames going in the air.” His wife said she could see the flames from the second floor of their home, and when they walked down the street to investigate what happened, the raging fire obscured everything.

The fire knocked out power to people in the neighborhood and forced some of them to evacuate. Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle declared a state of emergency. On Christmas Eve, the street was reopened after experts checked the bridge to ensure there was no structural damage.

The driver was able to walk to the ambulance when it arrived. First responders airlifted him to Westchester Medical Center to treat third-degree burns that he sustained on his hands and face.

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