Devastating Details Revealed Surrounding Police Woman’s Murder

Devastating Details Revealed Surrounding Police Woman's Murder

( – Democrats have spent much of the last couple of years attacking the police. The animosity toward officers has led to violence and death. Still, cops around the country put their lives on the line every day to do their jobs and to protect people, unfortunately an officer in Chicago will never walk through her front door again after doing just that. 

On Saturday night, August 7, Chicago Police Department (CPD) Officer Ella French and her partner pulled Eric Morgan, 22, over for driving with expired tags. His brother, 21-year-old Emonte Morgan was also in the vehicle, along with another person. French and her partner asked one of the suspects to get out of the car and an altercation ensued. That’s when Emonte opened fire. 

Officer French was shot and killed. The CPD says her partner suffered three gunshot wounds, one exited his eye, one hit his shoulder, and one lodged in the back of his head. He is in the hospital “fighting for his life,” according to the department.

When the shooting started, one of the suspects jumped out of the car and ran. Neighbors tackled him and waited for police to take him into custody.

Police arrested the brothers and charged them with weapons crimes. Emonte was also charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder. The third person in the car, who police haven’t named, is recovering from injuries in the hospital. 

The ATF arrested an Indiana man, Jamel Danzy, for purchasing the .22 caliber Glock pistol police believe was used to kill Officer French. Law enforcement say he admitted to purchasing the gun for one of the suspects who couldn’t legally purchase a weapon. He’s been charged with federal firearms crimes. 

Chicago is mourning the loss of Officer French and the country is mourning with them.

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