Did the NY AG Just Reveal Her Anti-Trump Vendetta?

(ReliableNews.org) – New York’s Democratic attorney general appears hellbent on destroying her credibility with her relentless legal assaults on the Trump family. It’s reached the point that Louisiana’s Republican attorney general, Jeff Landry, published an op-ed piece in the New York Post on Sept. 22 accusing AG Trish James of weaponizing her office.

As Landry explained, AG James made it her goal to go after President Trump, his family, and businesses long before being elected to office. She campaigned on it.

The clip below, posted by Eric Trump, the President’s middle son, should remove any doubt regarding James’ bias against his family. (To be honest, it’s quite shocking to behold.)

The problem is, it never seems to end with her. For instance, just this week, she took a victory lap on Twitter at the news a judge ruled in her favor regarding the timing of an upcoming deposition with Eric Trump.

He agreed to sit down for one but requested it wait until after the frenzy surrounding his father’s reelection campaign. Sounds fair, right? Apparently, not to the forces that rule the judiciary in New York.

What James seems to have forgotten is the fact she represents “the people,” and that means everyone to include the Trump family. Perhaps it’s time for a new attorney general, one who respects the rule of law and fair play.

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