Dmitry Kovalev Named in Rumors As Potential Successor to Aging Putin

Dmitry Kovalev Named in Report As Potential Successor to Aging Putin

New Report Gives Clues About Russia’s Next Leader If Putin Died

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin is no spring chicken anymore. The 69-year-old is going to reach a point in the coming years when he can no longer lead. Maybe even sooner if any of the reports about his deteriorating health are true. A recent rumor identified a man who might one day step into the role when Putin’s time comes to an end.

Baza, a channel of the Telegram, posted a video of Putin speaking to a young man during the May 9 Victory Day celebrations. According to a translated message under the post, the man was 36-year-old Dmitry Kovalev, and some believe he might be Putin’s replacement. He’s a rising star in the Kremlin. reported some are theorizing Putin handpicked Kovalev to replace him.

The New York Post called the basis of the rumor “thin” but reported part of the reason why curiosity swirled is because Putin is known for keeping his distance from people. The paper believes a more logical replacement for Putin would be his head of the security council, 70-year-old Nikolai Patrushev. Of course, he’s pretty advanced in age as well.

While the rumor mill is working in overdrive, the Kremlin has denied anything is wrong with Putin’s health.

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