Doctor Accused of Poisoning and Killing His Wife

( – In October 2023, police arrested Minnesota doctor Connor Bowman for allegedly killing his wife. According to The New York Times, the Olmsted County District Court criminal complaint listed the charge as second-degree murder. Betty Bowman’s initial symptoms pointed to food poisoning but progressed from there. The medical examiner found her death suspicious, leading to Dr. Bowman’s arrest.

On January 5, an Olmsted County Grand Jury indicted the doctor for murdering his wife and upgraded the charges to first-degree murder. NBC News reported that investigators believe Dr. Bowman, a poison specialist, gave Mrs. Bowman a “drug for an ailment she did not have.” Police discovered that the couple was having marital problems and that he told a third party he would get a big payout after his wife’s death. According to the complaint, authorities found a $450,000 bank deposit inside the Bowman home.

During the investigation, police searched Dr. Bowman’s internet history, finding he recently researched the drug colchicine — a treatment for gout. According to the charging document against him, the doctor calculated how much of the drug would be enough to kill his wife. His internet history also reportedly showed searches for whether internet search history could be used in court and if police could “track package delivery.”

Subsequent tests found the drug in question in Mrs. Bowman’s blood and urine, prompting the medical examiner to rule her death a homicide by way of the toxic effects of colchicine.

The victim’s mother spoke out after her death, saying her daughter was beloved by her colleagues at the Mayo Clinic. Mrs. Bowman was a pharmacist working in the operating room pharmacy at the clinic. Her mother called her a “pillar of strength” in good times and bad.

If convicted, the defendant faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. He is set for arraignment on January 16.

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