Doctor Removed After Facebook Post Goes Viral

Doctor Removed After Facebook Post Goes Viral

( – Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks it should be up to parents to decide whether or not their kids need to wear masks in school. Several school districts think otherwise and have mandated masks for all children, regardless of vaccination status. A Florida doctor got caught trying to provide a workaround for concerned parents.

On August 25, officials at Tallahassee’s Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC) confirmed that it removed Dr. Brian Warden’s patient privileges after discovering he offered $50 mask opt-out letters to parents on Facebook.

The recent medical school graduate posted a call for Leon County parents to send him a private message if they wanted a medical exemption letter for the children on the “Parents Against Masks” Facebook page. Dr. Warden posted a follow-up message advising that he was offering the letters through his private business, not CRMC. 

A quick review by oversight groups quickly confirmed he was charging parents $50 for a signed opt-out form and not on his official letterhead. 

A CRMC spokesperson sent a statement to local media outlets stating that hospital officials “began the process of removing him from providing services to hospital patients” immediately after learning about his offer to provide the notes.

It remains unclear whether or not the hospital reported him to state licensing authorities. 

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