Doctors Prescribing Museum Visits to Alleviate COVID-Related Stress

Doctors Prescribing Museum Visits to Alleviate COVID-Related Stress

( – There’s plenty to stress over these days as COVID-19 continues ravaging the nations. Many hoped the countries would have worked through the pandemic by now. After all, three vaccines received emergency use authorizations last year due to former President Donald Trump’s decisive leadership of Operation Warp Speed.

On September 2, news media outlets reported on an innovative three-month trial for treating coronavirus-related stress, burnout, and psychiatric distress.

Belgian doctors working at Brugmann Hospital, one of Brussel’s largest medical centers, will soon start prescribing museum visits as part of a study on stress reduction and rebuilding mental health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients involved in the study will receive free visits to five local public museums for the duration of the trial.

Delphine Houba, the Brussels councilperson for culture, told reporters she hopes private art collections and museums will offer access to their facilities for the program in the future. However, she concedes that it depends on the outcome of the initial trial.

According to Houba, the trial was inspired by a Canadian program where doctors prescribe as many as 50 museum visits per year for patients suffering from stress and other forms of mental distress.

If the trials prove successful, doctors globally and their patients could reap the rewards of a successful program to combat COVID-related stress.

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