Documents Reveal Biden’s Daughter Has Outstanding Income Tax Debt of Thousands

( – Born in 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware, Ashley Biden is the only child of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. While the spotlight over the last several years has been shining on one of her older brothers — Hunter Biden — recently some news came out about the youngest Biden and her alleged tax troubles. While the president’s children’s activities are not the responsibility of the US leader himself — considering they are well into adulthood — some are wondering why his family seemingly has ongoing issues with the tax authorities.

What Happened?

On December 18, Fox News Digital reported it obtained a tax lien docket allegedly showing that Ashley Biden owed $5,000 in income taxes starting in 2015. According to the source, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue informed Ms. Biden the outstanding “tax, interest, additions or penalties” are in the form of a lien against her property. The lien reportedly runs from the beginning of 2015 through the start of 2021. According to Back Taxes Help, a tax lien is when the state puts a legal claim against property to ensure the payment of back taxes, like collateral.

The information was reportedly searched out by Garrett Ziegler and his team who conduct regular searches in the Philadelphia County courthouse system. Mr. Ziegler said it was another case of the Biden family “being careless,” noting that he would expect the president’s family to be more careful — especially going into an election year. He found it ironic that President Biden regularly talks about the wealthy paying their fair share when his family allegedly doesn’t pay theirs. However, Ms. Biden’s net worth is not public knowledge, so it’s unclear where she fits on the wealth scale.

Who Is Ziegler?

Ziegler was one of former President Donald Trump’s aides when he was in the White House. In September, Hunter Biden sued him for his alleged role in publishing private emails and images belonging to the president’s son. He accused Ziegler of “accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying, and damaging computer data.” The suit also states that Ziegler threatened Hunter Biden’s life.

The former White House aide previously insisted that he wasn’t performing a “hit job” when posting the photos online. Instead, he said he’s interested in posting all the information he can gather about the Bidens so the public can make their own informed decision about the first family.

Neither Ashley Biden nor her attorney responded to requests for comment from Fox News Digital. The White House has not commented on the matter either.

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