DOJ COVID Crackdown

DOJ COVID Crackdown

( – Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are trying to find medical supplies during the pandemic and many are buying them from private companies. That has led to price gouging during a national emergency, and President Donald Trump’s administration isn’t happy about it.

In March, the Department of Justice (DOJ) set up a task force to hold price gougers accountable. On April 24, the DOJ announced a New York man was charged under the Defense Production Act. Amardeep Singh resold personal protective equipment (PPE) at over a 1,300% markup.

According to reports, Trump’s DOJ has more than 150 open cases. Another example of gouging is the price of N95 masks. In some cases, the cost of these vital pieces of PPE has exploded in price by over 6,000%.

Price gouging is always a problem during times of crisis. However, it’s clear the president and his officials aren’t going to let it go unchecked this time.

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