Donald Sutherland, Actor from ‘M.A.S.H.’ and ‘Hunger Games,’ Passes Away at 88

( – Donald Sutherland spent six decades in Hollywood. The actor starred in dozens of films and television shows, making him one of the most recognizable people in America. He died recently at the ripe age of 88.

On June 20, Keifer Sutherland announced his father’s death in a post on X, formerly Twitter. The “24” actor said his dad was “one of the most important actors in the history of film,” saying he was never “daunted by a role, good, bad, or ugly.”

Sutherland was born in 1935 in New Brunswick, Canada. As a child, the actor suffered from multiple illnesses, including rheumatic fever, hepatitis, and polio, which left one of his legs shorter than the other. Still, he grew into a towering 6-foot-4 man. Sutherland asked his mother if she was handsome and she responded, “No, but your face has a lot of character.”

Although he wasn’t the typical Hollywood heartthrob, Sutherland’s face is one America grew to love. He appeared in almost 200 television shows and movies throughout his career. By 1970, he had a well-established career. That year he was cast in Robert Altman’s film “M*A*S*H,” playing the lead character “Robert “Hawkeye” Pierce.” Alan Alda later played the part of Hawkeye in the television series.

Sutherland also played Mr. Bennet in “Pride & Prejudice,” President Coriolanus Snow in “The Hunger Games” series, Flan Kittredge in “Six Degrees of Separation,” and many other roles.

Tributes spread across social media after Keifer announced his dad’s death, including from world leaders. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau applauded Sutherland for bringing “a level of brilliance to [acting] few could match.” He offered his condolences to the actor’s family. President Joe Biden also said Sutherland was a “beloved husband, father, grandfather, and one-of-a-kind actor.” The POTUS also expressed his sympathy for the actor’s family.

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