Donald Trump Asks Arizona Attorney General to Put Himself in Gear and Fight

( – The Arizona Senate is currently allowing an audit of all of the votes in Maricopa County to take place to ensure the election results were correct. Former President Donald Trump supports the effort by the independent auditors to make sure everything was on the up and up. However, he feels one official isn’t doing enough.

On Saturday, May 22, Trump called out Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The state AG is a potential candidate for the Senate race in 2022, so his face has been in the media quite a bit. The former president believes he needs to spend more time in his press interviews discussing the audit. He said the top prosecutor needs to “get on the ball” and start mentioning the allegations surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

Trump went on to say that if Brnovich doesn’t start to vocally show support, voters “will never forget” and neither will the other “Patriots of our Nation!”

The Maricopa County audit is still underway. Those involved have said it could take months.

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