Donald Trump Calls Putin, Xi “Twin Sisters” While Predicting Taiwan Will Be Invaded Next

Donald Trump Calls Putin, Xi

( – Donald Trump has been busy lately with the recent launch of his new social media platform, Truth Social. However, the former president has found time to share his thoughts on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s action in Ukraine as well as a possible military engagement in Taiwan at the hands of China.

On Tuesday, February 22, Trump joined podcasters Clay Travis and Buck Sexton for a live airing of their show from his Mar-a-Lago residence. Trump weighed in on the Ukraine crisis, calling Putin’s actions sheer “genius” and President Joe Biden’s response “sad.” He also discussed his dealings with Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China.

Trump said he considers Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin “twin sisters.” He predicted China would follow Putin’s lead and invade the breakaway nation of Taiwan.

“China is gonna be next,” he stated. He thinks the communist country was waiting until the Winter Olympics concluded on February 20. Now that the Olympics are over, “look at your stopwatch,” the former president added, it’s just a matter of time.

President Trump also pointed out neither Putin nor Xi dared mount any foreign aggression during his time in office. But, according to him, they see President Joe Biden’s administration as an “opportunity” to take actions they know Trump wouldn’t have tolerated.

Do you think Trump is right about China’s ambition to invade Taiwan?

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