Donald Trump Makes Moves to Get His YouTube Account Reinstated

Donald Trump Makes Moves to Get His YouTube Account Reinstated

( – YouTube’s automated system suspended then-President Donald Trump’s account for seven days on January 13 after he attempted to upload a video that allegedly violated the platform’s terms of service. The Google-owned company later extended the suspension indefinitely, citing concerns about an ongoing “risk of violence” allegedly provoked by Trump’s channel.

On Monday, August 23, Trump’s lawyers asked a Florida federal judge to issue a preliminary injunction barring YouTube from continuing his suspension.

Court documents filed as part of a class-action lawsuit claim that failure to reinstate Trump’s YouTube posting privileges “endangers democracy [and] stifles public debate.” The documents also claim Trump’s suspension could “tip the balance” of the upcoming 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential elections.

Trump took several measures as president to rein in big tech companies and their long-standing practice of throttling conservative voices. For instance, he issued an executive order on May 28, 2020, aimed at preventing online censorship. He also aggressively pursued measures to alter or eliminate legal protections provided to online companies under Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act.

Twitter and Facebook also suspended Trump’s accounts last January; his attorneys said they would be filing similar actions against both companies.

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