Donald Trump Predicts Massive Red Wave

Donald Trump Predicts Massive Red Wave

( – Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Florence, Arizona, where he addressed the Biden administration and the November midterm elections. During his speech, the previous leader talked about the current administration’s incompetence while assuring the crowd a “great red wave” is coming to Arizona and the rest of the country in 2022.

Although Trump did not confirm another run for the presidency, he believes a Republican will take over the White House in 2024. He’s not alone in his optimism. Several lawmakers and political experts also think the Right will become the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate this year.

Red Wave Predictions

In order for the GOP to take over the House, it only needs to flip five seats, and the Cook Political Report thinks they may be able to pull it off. Political analyst Dave Wasserman admits it’s still too early to tell for sure, but he sees the Right as “clear favorites for control” in several states. In addition, the National Republican Congressional Committee thinks the party can pick up 70 districts in November.

At the end of December, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) posted about a red wave on Twitter, citing the “Democrats’ radical agenda” as the reason for Republican optimism.

Historically, the party opposite the sitting president usually takes over in Congress, so there is a precedence to the prediction. Representative Greg Steube (R-FL) also chimed in to predict a “strong showing” for Republican voters in the midterms. The Florida legislator thinks Democrats will lose at least 35 seats. A poll conducted in June 2021 showed a whopping 78% of Capitol aides believed the Right would secure a majority in the House in 2022.

Political and presidential strategist Dick Morris anticipates a net gain of over 60 seats in the House and an upcoming Senate take over. Fellow GOP strategist Vlad Davidiuk agreed. He sees the frustration in America and believes voters will reflect the angst on their ballots during the 2022 elections. He also predicted Democratic retirements would play a factor in an overall Republican win.

Overall Trump Views

While the former leader spent time talking to the crowd about many issues, he made his views about the state of America clear. He doesn’t like how the Biden administration is handling anything in the United States, and he doesn’t believe the majority of US citizens do either. Trump believes November is the time Republicans will “take back America.”

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