Donald Trump Receives Recognition in National Portrait Gallery

( – Little is known about former President Donald Trump’s plans. He’s remained relatively quiet since leaving office on January 20. However, he did give a keynote speech at the annual CPAC conference at the end of February. With any luck, he’ll find time to work his way over to the National Portrait Gallery soon. His fans would certainly appreciate it!

The Gallery recently announced that it is in talks with the Trump’s about commissioning his official portrait for viewing in its permanent collection. Donald Trump and his family are automatically invited to attend the unveiling ceremony, and it’s sure to be the event of the year considering his many accomplishments.

He placed hundreds of judges on the federal bench in a move that will impact the American court system for decades. He oversaw the largest tax cut in American history, a move that injected $300 billion into the nation’s economy.

Of all his many victories, perhaps the success of Operation Warp Speed and the resulting approval of two COVID-19 vaccines will be his crowning achievement when the history books of the Trump era are written.

His millions and millions of devoted fans will have another event to celebrate the person and his many achievements. We will update you when the date of this special tribute and the unveiling ceremony becomes available.

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