Donald Trump Says Biden Just Helped Putin’s Regime

( – President Joe Biden returned from his first trip overseas on Thursday, June 17. The highlight (or lowlight of the trip, depending on one’s perspective) was his Wednesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden administration officials did their best to set low expectations for the visit. Even The Washington Post reported its concerns.

Former President Donald Trump discussed Biden’s meeting with Putin during a Thursday evening interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Trump emphatically stated that “it was a good day for Russia,” but the United States got nothing from the meeting.

Trump seemed particularly concerned over Biden’s decision to waive sanctions against a Russian-owned company based out of Switzerland. That concession paves the way for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Its completion will double the flow of natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Trump also pointed out that Russia and Germany will reap the economic rewards from constructing the pipeline. At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues her long-standing practice of failing to pay Germany’s fair share of NATO dues. Her failure will continue forcing the US to subsidize NATO operations.

Hannity followed up, pointing out that Biden wiped out thousands of American jobs “with the stroke of a pen” when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline project earlier this year.

Perhaps it’s time for the Biden administration to rework its foreign policy goals and return to Trump’s practice of putting “America first.”

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