Donald Trump Slams Kamala Harris for Latest Decision

( – On Friday, June 25, Vice President Kamala Harris finally visited the southern border. It was her first trip to the area even though she has been in charge of fixing the crisis since March. Her decision to go down south came after former President Donald Trump said he would be visiting it himself.

The day after Harris’ border visit, Trump was in Wellington, Ohio to campaign for Max Miller, a challenger of GOP Representative Anthony E. Gonzalez. It was the former president’s first campaign-style rally since leaving office in January. During the event, he commented on the vice president’s trip to the border saying the only reason she made the trip was because he announced he was going there. “If I didn’t do that, I don’t know if she was ever going to go,” he told the crowd.

When Trump was in office the border was under control. Immigrants were not pouring into the country and detention centers weren’t packed. Now almost six months later, there is still a raging crisis there with hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring into the country during a global pandemic. And nobody in President Joe Biden’s administration seems to know how to fix the mess they created. It’s absurd and the 45th POTUS and his supporters know it.

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