Donald Trump Speaks Out About Fauci’s Role in COVID Response

( – One of the most polarizing figures of the pandemic is Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and was one of the key members of former President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Taskforce. But the former president and Fauci didn’t always and still don’t often agree. In a recent interview, the 45th president exposed just how far apart they were at times.

During an interview with the podcast “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” that aired on March 22, Trump discussed his relationship with Fauci. He said that he likes the doctor, but he is “a promoter more than anything else.” The former president said he thinks the NIAID head has been “wrong so much” about his recommendations, like when he said people shouldn’t wear masks. Trump explained that the doctor wanted the whole country locked up, but “it just wasn’t for [him].”

The COVID-19 lockdowns caused severe economic damage, students lost out on education, millions of people lost their jobs and more than 100,000 small businesses closed. Fauci was instrumental in those lockdowns, and now he is working for President Joe Biden.

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