Don’t Fall Victim to Seasonal Pfishing Scams

( – There are few seasons scammers like more than the holidays. They know people are flush with cash and ready to spend it, so they try to get in on the action. There are several seasonal scams everyone should look out for.

One of the common scams to look out for involves emails and texts that notify a consumer that there’s a package delivery waiting for them. The message asks them to click a link that would allow them to track the package. If a consumer clicks the link, they could download malware or be convinced to give up their personal information. If someone receives a text message or email like that, they should not click the link. Instead, they should reach out to the delivery service directly and ask for more information.

The Department of Justice also issued a warning about texts or emails that claim to be from the consumer’s bank or credit card company. The message might ask you to provide information or update your personal information so scammers can steal it for nefarious purposes. You should also avoid clicking emails or messages that ask you to claim a prize, promise a free giveaway, confirm a reservation, or do something similar.

In addition to phishing scams, the DOJ is warning people to watch out for fake seasonal jobs. Employment scams usually increase in volume during the holiday season. According to authorities, schemers prey on people who are trying to make extra cash during the holiday season.

Fake charities are also a popular way to scam people during the holiday season. Cybercriminals use GoFundMe campaigns, fake charities, and other schemes to take advantage of people’s generosity. If a consumer is contacted by phone, mail, or online, they should do independent research on the charity before donating any money. For GoFundMe campaigns, they should research the organizer.

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