China Hits US With Higher Tariffs, Causes DOW Plunge

In response to China’s threat to raise tariffs, the Dow took an epic plunge. Falling a full 719 points at one time during the day, the Dow closed at 617, marking the lowest point since the beginning of January.

China’s threat was in response to Trump’s increase on about $200 billion in imports from China. The increase will force the current 10% rate to rise to 25%.


Trump tweeted some remarkable common sense that Democrats somehow can’t get their minds around.

The president isn’t playing around. THIS is why we elected him. He may not be an eloquent speaker, but that’s not what the US needs. We’ve had plenty of those already. We need someone who is willing to take action, regardless of who gets angry.

What do you think? Is it time to get out from under China’s thumb?

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