Dr. Ayyadurais Wins Key Victory In Election Fraud Case

(ReliableNews.org) – On November 20, Senate candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai sued to block the certification of the results of both the September 1 Republican primary and the November 3 general election in Massachusetts. In the suit, he alleged Secretary of State William Galvin (D) ordered election officials to delete the images of ballots after poll workers counted them. The case was later dismissed, but the court said it would hear the case again if he resolved an issue with the secretary’s office.

Later, the doctor refiled the lawsuit citing possible election fraud in the state from Dominion voting machines. Recently, he won a key victory in that suit.

Election Fraud Allegations

Ayyadurai, representing himself, believes the election was stolen from him because the Dominion Voting Systems machines did not tabulate the ballots correctly. On December 16, the doctor announced he won the right to present his complaint. Now he will have the opportunity to present his allegations of fraud.

Widespread Implications

The lawsuit will now allow the doctor to present some of the same allegations President Donald Trump has been making in other states. The commander-in-chief’s legal team has had a tremendously difficult time finding judges who will listen to the evidence.

Earlier this month, Rudy Giuliani said the only thing the Trump team wants is a court or judge that is willing to “let the American people hear the facts.” Unfortunately, those judges have been hard to find.

Aside from this case in Mass., one of the only other courts actually willing to listen was the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The justices listened but then ruled against the Trump campaign in a 4-3 ruling.

The fact that the doctor was actually able to make headway in his case is a promising sign. If the court listens with an open mind, he might actually win his case. That could have a cascading effect that reaches President Donald Trump in his fight for free and fair elections.

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