Dr. Oz Discusses Why He’s Running for US Senate

Dr. Oz Discusses Why He's Running for US Senate

(ReliableNews.org) – Mehmet Oz, known professionally as Dr. Oz, is one of the most recognizable faces in America. The TV doctor rose to fame after being featured on Oprah’s daytime television show. Now, he is running for political office.

On Tuesday, November 30, Oz announced he is running to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate. The doctor, a Republican, shared a video of his campaign announcement on his social media account. He said the COVID-19 pandemic showed him that the government is broken, explaining politicians took away Americans’ freedom without making anyone safer.

Dr. Oz’s campaign video also alludes to former President Donald Trump’s America First platform, saying that’s what he plans to do if he is elected. His website explains he wants to modernize America’s healthcare system, stop illegal immigration, secure the borders, fight for school choice, and make sure people know the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pennsylvania is incredibly important to Republicans. Senator Pat Toomey is retiring and the GOP needs to defend the seat if it intends to take the majority back in 2022. Dr. Oz’s celebrity status could help the party if he wins the nomination. Name recognition goes a long way in elections, but it will only take him so far. The doctor will need to convince Pennsylvania voters he is going to make their lives better. Time will tell if he can do that or not.

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