Dramatic Exit From Life for Opera Performer

Dramatic Exit From Life for Opera Performer

(ReliableNews.org) – It’s been said nothing is sure in life except the reality of death and taxes, or as another person pointed out, “no one gets out alive.” In a sad twist of fate, a Russian actor fell victim to a tragic set of circumstances while performing.

On Saturday, October 9, Moscow’s famous Bolshoi Theatre announced the accidental death of Evgenia Sergeevich Kulesh during a live performance of Sadko, a 19th-century Russian opera. The following day, the theatre published a brief post expressing the theatre’s “deep condolences to [Kulesh’s] family and friends.”

The BBC reported footage from the performance appeared to show Kulesh pinned to the stage by one of the production’s props. The footage also showed frantic cast members pleading with theater staff members to free him.

Stunned audience members posted on social media they initially thought the accident was part of the performance. However, they knew something horrible had happened when panicked performers began shouting for an ambulance. Investigators believe Kulesh walked in the wrong direction when exiting a scene, leading to the accident.

On Sunday, the Bolshoi Theatre provided details for a memorial service at 10:00 a.m. local time on October 13. Officials will conduct the funeral service at Reshetnikov Cemetery, a short distance from Moscow.

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