Due Process: Was Trump Treated Fairly?

(ReliableNews.org) – The Founding Fathers thought it was absolutely critical to ensure the American people received fair trials when they were accused of wrongdoing. That’s why they included due process in the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. Almost 100 years later, when Congress added the 14th Amendment to the document, that was made even clearer with the Due Process clause.

So, why then, are some questioning whether former President Donald Trump received due process in his impeachment trial?

Trump’s Attorney Demands Justice

On Tuesday, February 9, Trump’s attorney David Schoen stood before the Senate and argued the former president was denied due process. He called the process an “unprecedented snap impeachment” that was soiled by the Democratically-led House of Representatives that “denied every attribute of fundamental constitutional due process” that the people of this country expect.

He played a montage of clips where Democrats were declaring their intention to impeach Trump throughout his presidency. That proves the lawmakers already had a premeditated plan. When their first impeachment trial ended in acquittal in 2019, it seemed it was only a matter of time before they tried again. That’s exactly what happened. Just seven days before Trump’s term ended, the Left impeached him again without even pretending to investigate the high crime of which he was accused.

What would happen if the police just arrested someone for a murder without ever investigating the crime and gathering zero evidence? That case would be tossed out of court quickly. Although there is a difference between the Senate and a criminal court, no person in authority should ever strip Americans of their inalienable rights.

Impeachment Reforms

In 2022, the GOP will have a chance to take back control of Congress. If they want to ensure no other president or public official has their rights stomped again, it will be up to them to pass a law outlining the exact parameters of an impeachment trial. Without those reforms, there is nothing stopping rogue lawmakers from doing this again.

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