El Paso May Declare State of Emergency in Response to Overwhelming Border Crisis

El Paso May Declare State of Emergency in Response to Overwhelming Border Crisis

Biden’s Border Crisis Reaches “State Of Emergency” Levels For This Suffering Town

(ReliableNews.org) – El Paso, Texas is a small town that sits along the US-Mexico border. Traditionally, the city is very welcoming to migrants and people on both sides of the border go back and forth for work purposes. However, President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies are making life very difficult in the city — and it’s being forced to take action.

On May 18, Mayor Oscar Leeser and City Manager Tommy Gonzalez released a statement announcing they were declaring a state of emergency in El Paso. The declaration will allow them to access funds to help ease the burden caused by an influx of immigrants to the city. The decision came in days after roughly 100 immigrants were released into the city. Shelters and federal facilities have reached capacity.

Two days after the city announced its declaration, on May 20, US District Court Robert Summerhays granted a nationwide injunction for a group of Conservative state attorneys generals allowing Title 42 to remain in place. The provision allows border officials to quickly deport migrants who enter the country illegally.

El Paso had been preparing for a surge in migration for months because the Biden administration announced its intention to end Title 42. Even with the policy in place, it and other cities along the border have become completely overwhelmed by the number of migrants trying to make the US their new home.

What do you think the Biden administration should do to resolve the border crisis?

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