Elizabeth Holmes Celebrates 40th Birthday Behind Bars

(ReliableNews.org) – In 2014, disgraced entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes started a company named Theranos, which offered a product called the Edison test. This test was supposed to be able to detect medical conditions using just a few drops of blood — diseases like cancer and diabetes. As it turned out, that was a lie. The company folded in 2018, and Holmes went to prison in early 2023 to start serving her 11+ years behind bars for fraud.

On February 6, the New York Post reported that Holmes recently celebrated her birthday while in jail — her 40th. The former businesswoman turned fraudster was joined by her husband and two children, William and Invicta, for the party. She’s reportedly been serving her sentence for the last nine months in a federal facility in Texas. Holmes and hotel heir Billy Evans married a year after her company shut down.

The convict’s parents were also at the celebration, which took place outside at a picnic table. Reports from the Daily Mail stated it seemed to be a joyous celebration. The pictures shared by the outlet showed smiles all around during the visit, complete with playtime with the kids.

Her conviction on four counts of fraud and conspiracy came with a lengthy sentence. However, a little over a month into serving her time, federal officials said the inmate was eligible for early release for good behavior. If she earns it, that could cut her sentence by two years. The US Bureau of Prisons anticipated her release date to be December 29, 2032. Her children, ages 2 and 11 months, will be hitting their tween years when she gets out of prison.

Her fraud brought in nearly a billion dollars before it all came tumbling down. According to the Daily Mail, her paper net worth hit $4.5 billion at one point through her stake in Theranos. Her family, however, still lives in a $9 million San Diego mansion.

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