Elon Musk Warns He Could Die “Under Mysterious Circumstances” After Russian Official Issues Threat

Elon Musk Warns He Could Die

Elon Musk Broadcasts Ominous Warning That Makes Everyone Shudder

(ReliableNews.org) – On Sunday, May 8, SpaceX founder Elon Musk made a troubling remark on Twitter about his own safety. His remark came after a Russian government official allegedly threatened him.

Musk shared screenshots of a threat made by Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin in a message to the media. The official attacked Musk for providing Starlink terminals to the Ukrainian military, allowing it to communicate using Wi-Fi provided by satellites. Rogozin claimed Musk, with the aid of the Pentagon, sent military communications equipment to Nazis. He then said the billionaire businessman would face consequences for what he did.

Musk took the Russian officials remarks as a threat and told his Twitter followers he wanted them to know it was nice to know them just in case he mysteriously died.

Russians are particularly angry about Starlink because its military has not been able to knock the system offline. In March, Musk revealed it had “resisted all hacking [and] jamming attempts.” Even the US government has praised the system for its agility and ability to keep adversarial militaries from taking it down.

The day after Musk notified his Twitter followers of the alleged threat against him, he seemed to have all but forgotten it, telling everyone, Chocolate milk is insanely good. Just had some.”

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