Emergency Declared in Texas City Over Migrant Crossings

(ReliableNews.org) – The migrant surge at the Southern border remains a problem. While the entire country is being impacted by it, it’s especially harmful to the border cities and towns. A Democratic mayor in Texas is now fighting back.

On Tuesday, September 19, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. (D) issued an emergency disaster declaration because of the migrant crisis. The mayor held a press conference on Tuesday and read the declaration out loud. It stated that, on September 18, Eagle Pass “experienced a severe undocumented immigrant surge into the city from Mexico.” About 800 to 900 illegals crossed the city’s train bridge to enter the US. Approximately 1,200 others crossed the border at another entry point.

Salinas explained that he was issuing the declaration in order to get resources from the state and federal government to help combat the problem. The disaster order will remain in place for no longer than seven days unless the city council renews it.

In an interview with CNN, Salinas blamed President Joe Biden for the surge. He said he “100%” believes the president “does bear some responsibility” for the crisis. He said the administration has abandoned his city, telling host Erin Burnett nobody has even contacted him. He implored the federal government to enforce the nation’s laws.

Democratic Sheriff Tom Schmerber, who serves Maverick County where Eagle Pass is located, told CNN that people are dying at the border crossing. He said a man in his 40s or 50s drowned recently while trying to get across. A 3-year-old recently died as his family tried to illegally cross the border.

Schmerber called on the federal government to put a zero-tolerance policy in place and deport anyone who enters illegally. He said he knows it won’t happen. “They’re accepting immigrants,” he said.

The Biden administration recently announced protection for immigrants from Venezuela. Schmerber called it a message that the border would be open.

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