European Union May Close Non-Essential Travel to US Travelers

European Union May Close Non-Essential Travel to US Travelers

( – The COVID-19 Delta variant is sweeping across the European Union and the United States. Due to this, countries are considering reimplementing some restrictions to contain the spread of the virus. The European Council decided to recommend the reinstatement of travel restrictions on some nations in order to slow the spread.

On Monday, August 30, the EU removed the US from a list of safe nations and recommended its 27 countries reinstate travel restrictions. The decision came as a result of the increased COVID-19 cases in America. The recommendation, which isn’t binding, means the countries could ban nonessential travel from the U.S., as well as from Israel, Lebanon, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

The restrictions would not be one-sided. The US has not yet lifted its own travel restrictions on travelers from the EU. European Commission Spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz told the press the EU is in negotiations with President Joe Biden’s administration to see if they could come to an agreement on how to move forward while keeping everyone safe.

Each EU country has the right to decide its own rules for travel. There may be a situation where one restricts travel while others don’t. US travelers should always check the regulations of the country they hope to visit before booking a trip.

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