Evers Vows to Reject Anti-Abortion Legislation in State Address

(ReliableNews.org) – In 2018, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) defeated now-former Governor Scott Walker (R) in the gubernatorial race to lead the state. Four years later, he ran for re-election and won the position. According to his site, Evers used to be a public school science teacher and prides himself on bringing people together, cutting taxes for working families, and helping small businesses. During his recent State of the State address, the Wisconsin leader made some bold promises concerning women’s rights, workers in his state, and environmental issues.

What Did He Say?

On January 23, Governor Evers addressed many issues but made it a point to speak directly to Wisconsin women during part of his address. He vowed to “veto any bill” aimed at taking away their “reproductive freedom or makes reproductive healthcare any less accessible” in the state — “period.” The state leader said all Wisconsinites should have full access to healthcare whenever needed, including contraception. Evers said he would tell the Department of Health Services to direct BadgerCare Plus to “cover over-the-counter contraception, including emergency contraception,” without a prescription.

The governor went on to talk about positive changes he would make to help pregnant women in the state as well, a move that already has bipartisan support.

His declaration comes at a time when Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly are working on a statewide abortion ban after 14 weeks of pregnancy. According to The New York Times, Wisconsin’s current law bans abortions after 22 weeks. Evers made it clear he will not allow that to change under his watch. Still, it might not even make it to the governor’s desk, as it hasn’t even made it past the Assembly, much less the state Senate.

Wisconsin Women and Reactions

According to the governor, an average of 60% of women in the state have said they “support abortion being legal in all or most cases.” However, Evers said each time he asked GOP legislators to restore women’s reproductive rights in the state, he was met with a resounding “no.” According to the AP, Wisconsin law doesn’t allow for the question of abortion to be placed on the ballot to let the voters truly decide.

According to Wisconsin Watch, Republicans in the state legislature do not have a supermajority to override a veto from the governor. While the GOP holds one in the Senate, they do not in the Assembly. Both are needed in order to surpass a veto from Evers. It’s possible that could change with the next election, but the governor will be in his seat until 2027.

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