Ex-Biden Supporter Criticizes Bidenomics

(ReliableNews.org) – Symone Sanders-Townsend became nationally recognized while working for Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign in 2016. In 2019, she went to work for Joe Biden and stayed with him when he began his White House term. In 2021, she left the administration to work for MSNBC, and she now has a television show. Recently, she discussed the president’s reelection bid and criticized how the campaign is being run.

In an interview with POLITICO’s “Playbook,” Sanders-Townsend was blunt about Biden’s shortcomings. She said the president’s camp uses a lot of acronyms when they are speaking and “not enough about the plain things.” She said the president’s team is trying too hard to package everything nicely instead of explaining what his policies do. She gave an example of the attempt to brand the positive economic growth as “Bidenomics,” saying the president needs to “Let it go.” She explained that people aren’t going to be moved by GDP data. The president will have to sway them with stories.

That’s something others have talked about, too, like the hosts of “Pod Save America,” (veteran officials of Barack Obama’s administration), who say the Bidenomics message gets lost because the average family is still paying more for everything.

Sanders-Townsend also criticized the Biden campaign for managing his appearances. She said the president has been stuck on a teleprompter, gives a speech, and then leaves. She said voters haven’t seen him doing “what he can do [best].” She asked when was the last time people saw the POTUS taking questions at a town hall from the American people or doing a rope line.

Biden has long faced criticism for how tightly managed he is. That has led to a widespread belief that he might be on the decline cognitively with his advanced age.

The president’s camp didn’t comment on Sanders-Townsend’s remarks.

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